Starry and Bright Sky

Hi curious ​soul,

i’m vina chalice

also known as Divine Gibberish ​or the hostess of Soul Mingles: ​Trance Channeling sessions​

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A Quick Background

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I'm based in



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I’ve done

  • psychic readings at ​events and fairs
  • intuition development ​classes
  • group channeling + ​Light language ​sessions
  • private coaching
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My role is:

spirit guide ​messenger.

flow state ​shifter

soul ​reminder

Glowing white dust, sparks, stars, bokeh confetti, sparks light effect.
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Here's ​where ​we can ​meet

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first ​fridays

Soul Mingles

Lake Harriet

Spiritual Community

22nd of ​each ​mont​h

Soul Mingles


8th of ​each ​month

Divine Gibberish


5d NYE ​Hou​se PAr​ty

Secret Location

San Diego


11th of ​each ​month

Energy Healing

monthly ​co-​coaching ​sessions

Manifestation Mystery School


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Three Fun Facts about vina

I used to be

a foodie marketing ​manager.

During COVID, I used my clairgustance to create social ​media strategies for a local Asian supermarket.

I once joined ​toastmasters (the ​atheists + humanists one)

Lovely, encouraging members. Didn’t mention I was a ​psychic channeler until I bumped into a few members ​at a birthday party. Awkward!

I didnt get my driver’s ​license until 2022

It literally took a village of friends and strangers to help me ​overcome my driving anxiety. Motorcycle license and ​registration in a foreign country (Thailand)? No problem. ​Driving a car and doing lane changes? ...I now believe in ​Miracles.

Things I Love

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loop earplugs. trusting the process...knowing you ​can’t ever miss out what is meant for you. ​notakult room sprays. all is well palo santo sticks

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A few testimonials from clients:

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When sh*t happens, ​shifts happen. you are ​the silver lining. so

Turn your magic all ​the way on.

You’ve got the soul ​power.

remember, stay ​curious.

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